Army HIPAA Training

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 or HIPAA is a bill enacted by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996 the aim of which is to protect health information from being readily available to parties that are not required to be privy to such information and protects people from abuse and fraud. People who work for the health professions or are involved in some way with health information are required to go through HIPAA training. Doctors, nurses, medical secretaries, transcriptionists, Human Resources personnel, and even people who do not even get to see medical information but are working for a company that has personnel that does, such as in call centers, are required to be HIPAA certified.

Army HIPAA Training is done through the Military Health System or MHS which is an enterprise responsible for providing health care to active and retired military personnel and their dependents. HIPAA training is mostly done electronically though there are still some the do in-person on-site instructions, but the training regimen has to be determined first. Training needs have to be assessed first such as a need to develop an online tool for HIPAA testing purposes and to find a standardized plan for the questions to be asked. Army HIPAA Training has to be planned and a strategy must be developed. The plan has to be comprehensive and there must be a way to present a report of people on the organization who are certified. The training workforce has to be certified as well and they have to be trained every year as required by law. Next step is to develop the awareness, training, and content and to determine the most effective delivery method. Nowadays with fast internet connections, training is done over the internet via Learning Management Systems or via live instructions broadcast over the web. Language has to be considered as well because the U.S. Army has personnel that speak different languages. Next up is the implementation of the training. Army HIPAA Training is done in three ways: web cast training, classroom lessons, and war game exercises. The next step after this is to monitor and evaluate the training program and to check the trends overtime. Attendees have to be reminded of security policies after training as enforcement of HIPAA. Reminders can be done via posters or over the web and email.

ARMY HIPAA Training is done every year because each year comes with new ways to steal information. Yearly training keeps army personnel up to date with trends in information technology.

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